About Tim Jackson Ph.D.

About Tim Jackson Ph.D.

Tim Jackson, Ph.D. is the President of Jackson Leadership Inc., and a leadership assessment and coaching expert with 17 years of experience. He has assessed and coached leaders across a variety of sectors, including agriculture, chemicals, consumer products, finance, logistics, manufacturing, media, not-for-profit, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and utilities and power generation, including multiple private-equity owned businesses. He has also worked with leaders across numerous functional areas, including sales, marketing, supply chain, finance, information technology, operations, sustainability, charitable, general management, health and safety, and quality control, and across hierarchical levels from individual contributors to CEOs. Tim has also worked with leaders in Canada, the US, Western Europe, and China.

Tim has published his research and ideas on leadership in various outlets, including Forbes.com, The Globe and Mail, and in peer-reviewed journals. He has also shared details of his coaching practice at leading conferences like the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). In addition to SIOP, he is also a member of the Society for Consulting Psychology.

He has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from The University of Western Ontario, and is based in Toronto, ON.

Please contact Tim with your questions, comments, or feedback about this site, or any topics related to leadership in organizations.

Email: tjackson@jacksonleadership.com

Phone: 647-969-8907

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