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Leadership Lessons Interview with Brian Denys

Leadership Lessons Interview with Brian Denys

I recently had the opportunity to interview one of the most effective leaders I've worked with in my almost 20 years in the leadership development field. His name is Brian Denys, and he's traced a fascinating career journey by assuming progressively larger leadership roles while working in two very different industries (agriculture and construction), and more recently leading significant change in a dynamic private equity ownership environment.

Brian's credentials are impressive 'on paper,' but what I admire most about him is his leadership style. He's one of the best I've met at driving for high performance, while also building relationships and positive culture. In addition, he strikes this balance in a way that exudes sincerity and authenticity.

In this wide ranging interview Brian shares the core principles he strives to express when leading others. We cover the following topics (see inside the square brackets for timestamps of each section, to help you navigate the video):

1. The learning moments in his life and career that shaped him as a leader. [4:27]

2. How he describes his current strengths, as well as areas he needs to continue focusing on to be his best. [10:36]

3. The biggest leadership leadership challenge he ever faced, and how he handled it. [19:18]

4. What he's learned from working in two very different industries, agriculture and construction. [22:31]

5. What he's learned about leading through turbulence from his experience with private equity. [26:16]

6. How he balances operating at the highest levels of leadership, with preserving time and attention for his family. [36:35]

7. The single most important principle that guides his approach to leadership that he wants to share with others. [42:55]

I have told Brian many times how much I admire his leadership skills, and I hope through this conversation others can benefit from his knowledge and experience.

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Tim Jackson Ph.D. is the President of Jackson Leadership, Inc. and a leadership assessment and coaching expert with 17 years of experience. He has assessed and coached leaders across a variety of sectors including agriculture, chemicals, consumer products, finance, logistics, manufacturing, media, not-for-profit, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and utilities and power generation, including multiple private-equity-owned businesses. He's also worked with leaders across numerous functional areas, including sales, marketing, supply chain, finance, information technology, operations, sustainability, charitable, general management, health and safety, quality control, and across hierarchical levels from individual contributors to CEOs. In addition Tim has worked with leaders across several geographical regions, including Canada, the US, Western Europe, and China. He has published his ideas on leadership in both popular media, and peer-reviewed journals. Tim has a Ph.D. in organizational psychology, and is based in Toronto.

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